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Seychelle is pleased to announce the availability of the first portable radiological filter of its kind in the world that filters out of drinking water up to 99.99% of the major contaminants that can be found after a nuclear catastrophe!

People around the world are more concerned than ever about contamination from fallout after a nuclear catastrophe such as what recently occurred in Fukashima, Japan. With ground water contaminated by nuclear elements, the availability of safe drinking water is of primary concern. This concern is now compounded by the fact that 18 countries around the world have 436 nuclear reactors; any number of which could experience a melt-down like Fukushima. A filter system in portable products that could provide safe drinking water under these circumstances could be of great value to people all over the world. And Seychelle has developed such a product!

The new filter removes the four basic zones of contamination: Aesthetic (Chlorine, taste and odor), Chemicals (from Industry and Agriculture), Dissolved Solids (heavy metals such as lead, mercury, Chromium 6) and up to 99% of Radiological Contaminants such as Gross Beta, Radon 222, Radium 226, Plutonium, Uranium, Strontium, Cesium 137 and Radioactive Iodine 131. The filter is designed with a hard shell that is formed to exact or 2 micron absolute porosity. The filter is impregnated with various proprietary media that have the ability to remove, absorb, adsorb, chemically bond and chelate different contaminants as they pass through the tortuous path designed in the filter. The basic media in the filter is a proprietary powder activated coconut carbon that has a surface phenomenon that causes a molecular attraction of substances to the surface of the filter. The rate or volume of adsorption or removal of toxic chemicals, radioactive contaminates and heavy metals is caused by the specific volume of medias used, their quality, and the flow rate of water passing through the filter.

The new radiological filter comes in a 28oz flip top bottle that is designed to be easily used by every man, woman and child. The insulator sleeve on the bottle attaches to a belt or backpack. The bottle produces up to 100 gallons of great-tasting filtered water; and is equal to 757 half liters of bottled water! It also comes in our water pitcher that delivers up to 150 gallons of great-tasting filtered water for the home! Produces up to 25 gallons on the drinking straw!

Key Features:
• Removes up to 99.99% of contaminants and pollutants found in drinking water sources using its proprietary Ionic Adsorption Micron Filtration System.
• Removes up to 99.99% of all major nuclear contaminants that can be found in drinking water.
• Produces up to 100 gallons of filtered water in the 28oz water bottle depending upon the quality of the source water with the bottle; and up to 150 gallons for the water pitcher! Produces up to 50 gallons on the drinking straw!
• Designed to be used anywhere disaster strikes; essential for emergencies, earthquakes, floods, fires and nuclear catastrophes!
• Protects your family with clean, safe drinking water in the event of a radiological emergency!
• Proven tested technology by Independent laboratories using EPA/ANSI protocols and tested to NSF Standards 42 and 53 by Broward Testing Laboratory.
• Environmentally safe!
• Reusable - made of FDA approved plastics - will not leach!
• BPA free!
• Filters are replaceable and recyclable.
• Filters made in USA.



New Propur™ portable gravity water purification systems are economical, convenient and easy to use - Requires no electricity and provides reliable water purification anywhere whether at home, office, vacation, camping or college dorms! Made of high quality polished stainless steel for lasting durability and attractive appearance.

All Propur™ systems are made from ONE piece stainless steel. NO seams or welds to crack,
leak or rust and come with non-slip pad and NEW solid stainless steel spigot!

New ProOne™ Water & Fluoride filter elements with
advanced manufacturing technology combines silver impregnated white ceramic with new AquaMetix™ media for removal of fluoride and other heavy metals* - all in ONE filter element.

Only ProOne™ Water & Fluoride filter elements
help reduce or remove pesticides, herbicides, chloramines (ammonia with chlorine), hydrofluorosilicic acid (the latest form of fluoride not covered by other fluoride filter brands) and sodium hexa fluorosilicate all in one filter element.

ProOne™ filters with a 2.75" diameter advantage gives you up to 54% more suface area for greater filtration performance..

ProOne™ Water & Fluoride filter elements fit ALL Propur™ systems!

Propur™ KING stainless steel water purification system is ideal for medium-large size groups of 4 or more people, whether at home, office, vacation, camping or college dorms! Includes 2- ProBlack-D™ water filter elements. Can be expanded to 4-ProBlack-D™water filter elements. Optional ProBlack+™ Advanced Fluoride Filters available.
Measurements on the Propur™ KING include; diameter - 11", nested height for storage or transportation - 12.75", in use height - 23.25". Storage capacity is 4 gallons.
All Propur™water purification system features include:

2 - ProBlack-D™water filter elements
Constructed of heavy duty ONE piece "brushed" and polished stainless steel
All metal spigot
New non-slip pad
Propur™KING - $289.00

Upgrade to new ProOne™ Water & Fluoride Filters
for only $50.00

Before you purchase, email us for the best value and price!