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My son, give me your heart. Proverbs 23:26

Heart: affections, appetites, desires, emotions, passions, purposes

Affections: friendships, attachments, love
Appetites: hunger, thirst, cravings, longings
Desires: a need a want
Emotions: feelings
Passions: a deep burning drive
Purposes: plans, mission in life, ideas, views, dreams, vision, faith

Pause, reflect, and think about what exactly does God mean when He asks You for your heart.

Jesus said in Luke 17:32 Remember Lot's wife.
Why? Who does Lot and his wife represent in your life?

Luke 17:28 Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot...
Only (1) of the (4) classes of men will be raptured. Revelation 22:11

Unjust - 0% no hope
Filthy- 0% no hope
Righteous - 30-60% hope but left behind
Holy - 100% Blessed hope is the rapture

Lot's wife was a believer whose heart's affections, appetites, desires, emotions, passions, and purposes were not completely given over to her Creator. Therefore, like many, she missed the rapture as her heart secretly loved the idols of this world. Idols are simply your dogma, perspectives, pursuit for peace, success, gratification, looks, vacations, time, family, fears, etc. Her selfish soul weaved soul ties with Sodom's filth and seductions.

Lot's character exposes the deeper meaning of his nature and name... Concealed. Righteous Lot describes the elect. Born Again believers who start out well yet along the way their character becomes spotted and wrinkled. They continue bearing no fruits worthy of repentance and dishonor the Father. Who are they?...apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, pastors, bishops, elders, deacons and disciples who love God yet are lukewarm.

Lastly, the only class of Christians rewarded the right to be raptured are the holy. Why? Because it is written, Be ye holy, for I am holy 1 Peter 1:16. You must have a finally moment, come to the end of yourself, and cry... not my will be done but thy will be done. Suddenly the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit pulverizes indoctrinated philosophies, a stubborn will, and enables a weak christian. Therefore, gratitude, passion and worship empowers separation from sinful defilement and accountability to God's delegated spiritual authority. How shall we escape damnation, if we neglect so great a salvation! neglecting the truth today, worth missing the glorious rapture.

Ponder this true testimony by Ray Brubaker...

Prophet Morris Cerullo, in an article appearing in Deeper Life magazine, relates a speaking engagement he had at a meeting of the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship.

When he arrived, he heard a man giving this testimony: "Last night I had a vision of the rapture. I saw the rapture take place and 70% of the so-called church was left behind."

Prophet Cerullo testifies: "Now I couldn't believe that. I was shook. He bothered me so much I could hardly talk that night. And, when I can't talk, then I'm really bothered. I sputtered and stammered and couldn't wait until I got home to my room. I went right down on my face before God and said, "Lord, did you hear what that man said? He's a responsible man. He owns a million-dollar business. For a man to make a statement like that, he's either got to be irresponsible or you have actually spoken to him."
"Lord, I want to know," prayed Morris Cerullo. God spoke to his heart through the word: "Is it not written that not everybody that cries Lord, Lord, will be received by Jesus when He comes?" He said: " Son, why do you err, not knowing my scripture?"

Selah... truths convict a conscience, renews the mind, and saves the soul.

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